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Looking for a food business idea?

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As promised, we make it Easy!

Easy offers an affordable starter kit for your food service businesses be it milk tea, coffee shop, fruit tea, and takoyaki businesses! We can also customize these packages based on your actual needs, your requirements, and your budget! What makes it even better is we provide the training and make resources available for you to maximize these ingredients and create amazing recipes!

We Customize!

Connect with us and we will help you customize your own package. We are pleased to serve all your needs in starting and growing your business! We are excited and honored to help you write your own success story!

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Want to know more?

Private Label Service

Carve your own name in the food service business with Easy! It is now possible to install your own brand name or rebrand our bottle and packaging so that all of your ingredients bear your own logo! Easy on the inside, You on the outside!

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