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The Easy® Coffee Concentrate is made from authentic coffee beans brewed to perfection and bottled to pack real coffee goodness in each drop. This can also cut the preparation time of making coffee-based drinks as it can be readily added into the mixture as it is!

Only the finest and best all-natural coffee beans are used to create the Easy® Coffee Concentrate that are internationally sourced from the world’s top producers. The authentic and high quality coffee beans are then carefully brewed without adding in any artificial flavorings and ingredients.

The Easy® Coffee Concentrate is proudly and locally produced here in the Philippines using the most modern food processing equipment and the most sanitary food handling technology. To ensure that each bottle of Easy® Coffee Concentrate is safe, of high quality, and consistent in taste, the whole production process follows strict quality assurance procedures that are already tried and tested to produce the best results. 

Where to use the Easy® Coffee Concentrate?

Whenever a coffee-based or coffee-flavored product is needed, the Easy® Coffee Concentrate can be used! Because it is an instant espresso in liquid form, it can be readily mixed with water, ice, or other bases, to create hot and cold drinks, iced shaken drinks, lattes, frappes, and other refreshments. It can also be used for recipes, desserts, and confectioneries as an instant coffee flavoring or as an ingredient.

How to use the Easy® Coffee Concentrate?

The Easy® Coffee Concentrate can be used without hassle and extra preparation! It can be readily mixed and blended due to its liquid consistency. Just measure out the amount of espresso to be used and you are good to go!

The Easy® Coffee Concentrate has a shelf life of 1 year after being opened. There is no need to refrigerate the bottle after it has been opened and just store it in a cool and dry place.

Why choose the Easy® Coffee Concentrate?

The Easy® Coffee Concentrate is widely used by many well-known brands and famous establishments and franchises due to its economic savings, its ease of use, and its versatility. Because it is an instant espresso, business owners save so much investment by not needing to purchase an espresso machine. Another factor why it is the preferred brand is because it is made using all natural coffee beans from the world’s top producers.

Does the Easy® Coffee Concentrate contain allergens?

Easy® Coffee Concentrate is produced in a facility that handles Soy.

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