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Who We Are

We are Easy® Foods International Corp.– one of the leading providers of high-quality ingredients for food and beverage enterprises in the Philippines. We specialize in concentrated flavorings, sauces and mixes for beverages and culinary products. Our most popular offerings are milk tea and milkshake mixes, coffee concentrate, flavored syrups, customized candies and ready mix seasoning powders. We also offer private label service and customized institutional production, and has distribution partners throughout the Philippines to better serve its customers. 

Easy® started in 2014 as a retail store of bakery ingredients in Quezon Avenue. Our vision of being a trusted and responsive supplier of food and beverage solutions led to the launch of our own local manufacturing facility in 2018.

Both our regular and customized products comply with the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines’ regulatory standards. Because we manufacture our own products, each one has its own Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) and barcode to assist in quality assurance.

In support of – and inspired by – the hardworking food service sector, we aim to provide premium ingredients of consistent quality, with the highest yields, which deliver best value for money. 

EASY has continuously built trust among a multitude of businesses – both big and small – in the restaurant, fast food, and hotels industries.

Our Brands

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True to its commitment in providing accessible and quality ingredients, Easy® officially launched its EasyPro® line of products. This amazing roster addresses the need of the food service businesses to deliver delicious food while keeping ingredients readily available and cost-effective. These products are especially tailored for industrial use by chefs who understand the exhaustive process of perfecting sauces and mixtures – and they have finally paved the way to make this process easy, by the use of EasyPro® products.

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Create unique and winning refreshments without the extra hassle and the high investment cost when you use Easy products! Easy offers a wide range of refreshment business essentials ranging from milk teas, hot and cold drinks, frappes, iced shaken beverages, and fruit teas, to name a few. The versatility of the Easy products and their ease of use truly make the lives of food service entrepreneurs easier! 

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The complete dining experience does not only depend on the savory taste of food, its mouth-watering aroma, and the series of unique textures; but also, the stunning and appetizing visuals. With the Easy® Sparkle products, food-service businesses can offer dainty products with a touch of elegance and beauty. This line enables and empowers both big entrepreneurs and start-up businesses alike to enhance their products and provide them with quality ingredients. Easy® Sparkle line, the FIRST and ONLY brand in the Philippines that offers FOOD GRADE and NON-TOXIC decorative shimmers such as  glitters, flakes, and powders.

We are guided by our four-fold vision in our pursuit of business:


We ensure that our products are made with high quality and with the finest ingredients available. Our powders are made with real spices; our concentrates with real extracts; our sauces with the real essence of delicious food. By using our products, the repeatability and consistency of recipes are rest assured.

Process Efficiency

In the food service industry, it is important to deliver food in the quickest time imaginable. This is made possible with the use of our vast line of products for a wide variety of recipes. Chefs can now shed away their worry in making labour-intensive sauces and mixes and just whip out our products that are just equally good.


Finally, good food often comes with a heavy price tag – but not with us. Our products make food affordable, but not tasting cheap. This will be of great help to the businesses as cost can be lessened without the lowering the standard of the food produced. Establishments far and wide are quick to recognize that this product come with great value at a relatively low investment.

Food Safety

For us, food safety is a top priority. We ensure that all our food handling equipment are the most sanitary, our food processing technologies the most modern, and our production personnel the most experienced in the food industry. The whole production process is strictly adhering to a stringent set of safety and quality assurance procedures to ensure that each product is the best and the safest.

We are always here to address whatever need arises. Our customer service ensures that your transactions are smooth and hassle-free! Discover Easy products on this website and feel free to contact us for more information.

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