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Fruit Drink/Cream Milk/Milk Chocolate Drinks

Expand your refreshment business and try to offer fruit drinks, cream milk drinks, and milk chocolate drinks all made using Easy® Products! This is made possible with Easy® products as they are very compatible with each other and can be mixed and matched to come up with a lot of combinations! Check out some recipes below and try them now!

Ingredients Directions 1. Combine 200ml of water and Easy® Milk Essence to make liquid milk. Stir until the powder is dissolved.2. On a 16oz cup, add Easy® Brown Sugar Flavored Syrup for walling.3. Add some Easy® 5 Minutes Tapioca Pearls then pour the liquid milk.

Ingredients Directions 1. Combine 250ml of water and 3 scoop of ⅛ cup of Easy® Milk Chocolate Base. Stir well.2. On a bowl, combine 100g of Easy® Rock Salt & Cheese and 200 ml of water. Whisk until you reach a foamy texture.3. Pour the chocolate mixture on a 22 oz cup with ice then …

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