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Easy Signature Syrups

Easy Signature Syrups are your coffee-shop’s must have ingredients to create perfect and professional flavors. This line of syrups produce amazing flavor profiles efficiently and easily for your specialty coffee-based lattes, frappes, and other hot and cold refreshments.

Make your customers be hugged by the classic warming flavor of vanilla by adding the Easy® Signature Vanilla Syrup to your refreshments! Any drink with the Easy® Signature Vanilla Syrup will have that subtle fragrance of vanilla and the depth of flavor that will make customers crave for more.

Whip up that unique flavor of salted caramel by just adding in the Easy® Signature Salted Caramel Syrup! This crowd-favorite flavor is perfect for any coffee-based product that you might offer, be it lattes, frappes, and other hot and cold refreshments!

Spice up your coffee creations with the minty and cool flavor of Easy® Signature Peppermint Syrup! This is perfect for holiday-themed lattes, frappes, and other hot and cold coffee-based products!

Add in the nutty and sweet flavor of hazelnut with each drop of the Easy® Signature Hazelnut Syrup in your hot and cold refreshments! The hazelnut flavor pairs perfectly with your coffee to give it more definition and interesting tones!

Indulge your customer’s sweet tooth when you add in the Easy Signature Caramel Syrup to your hot and cold coffee-based refreshments such as lattes, americano, and frappes! This syrup will provide that much needed smoky sweetness that is compatible with all coffee drinks!

All your drinks will have that nutty, caramely, and sweet flavor of butterscotch when you add in the Easy® Signature Butterscotch Syrup! This syrup goes nicely with any coffee-based refreshment that you might brew and mix!

Complete your coffee shop menu when you add in almond flavored drinks made using Easy® Signature Almond Syrup! This will give your frappes, lattes, and other coffee-based hot and cold beverages with an extra something that will surely make each drink memorable!

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