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Flavored Syrups

EASY® Flavored Syrups are concentrated syrups used to flavor any food, drinks, pastries and other desserts. It may be also be used as a syrup topping for aesthetic presentation.

Lemonades, lemon-flavored desserts, lemon-infused cocktails and drinks can now be easily made when using the Easy® Lemon Flavored Syrup! This syrup is all you need to give a citrusy and zesty twist to your recipes. Every sip or bite of the recipes infused with the Easy® Lemon Flavored Syrup is sure to be a fan favorite!

Top your frappes with chocolate drizzle, or fill your cupcakes with chocolate filling, or make your drinks aesthetically pleasing with chocolate walling by using Easy® Chocolate Syrup. This is formulated to be a heat stable product which means it can be placed or mixed in breads and other pastries even before baking. Truly a very flexible syrup!

Make flavourful beverages touched with the goodness of milk chocolate with Easy® White Chocolate Syrup. This is a colorless syrup with a distinct milk and chocolate flavor that can be added to improve coffees, sweet beverages, and other culinary sauces. Because it is colorless, you can sneak it in various recipes with ease.

Another hit in the milk tea business is the recent trend of incorporating yogurt in these beverages, thus creating the yogurt line. Keep track of this trend with Easy® Yoghurt Syrup and create that creamy sour taste in your coffees, frappes, milk teas, fruit teas, desserts and other sweet treats.

The signature flavor that can be attributed to the fame of milk tea in the country is now within your reach with Easy® Wintermelon Syrup. This crowd favorite really gained popularity with its caramel sugar with a grassy fresh aftertaste. This syrup can be also used for other applications in baking and other beverages; not only milk tea. With this readily available syrup, you can inject your own twist to this classic milk tea flavor and craft something unique.

The aroma and signature taste of vanilla can now be achieved easily and readily without extra fuss with Easy® Vanilla Syrup. This is a blank slate for your creativity to flourish and produce amazing desserts and drinks. This simplifies the serving process and cuts cost without compromising quality and taste.

Color your life violet with Easy® Taro Syrup where you can prepare memorable beverages with the sweet and starchy taste made from the essence of authentic sweet potato and purple yams. This is a perfect addition to milk, vanilla, and cream based recipes.

Realize your strawberry dreams and paint your beverages red with Easy® Strawberry Syrup. This can also be used as toppings in sweet treats such as frappes, as base in culinary recipes, and a flavoring to desserts, pastries and cupcakes. Truly, this syrup can be applied to anything you want to be strawberry flavored, a good investment for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Accentuate the intriguing balance of sweet and savory with Easy® Salted Caramel Syrup in your frappes, coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, cocktails, and other food recipes. This flavor gained a huge following as the caramel is not overly sweet due to the addition of sea salt.

Tease the palette with the minty and exciting Easy® Peppermint Syrup. Spice up your coffee, chocolate, milk, and other sweet treats and make it taste like it’s already the holidays. Each sip will feel like it’s winter already with this unique and nostalgic flavor.

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