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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order Easy® products?

You can order Easy® products using these methods:

Where are your products from?

We locally and proudly produce our Easy® products in our fully equipped facility using the finest ingredients sourced internationally. Our products are made using the most modern food handling technologies and the most sanitary food processing equipment and machinery to ensure that only the best products are produced.

Where can I get recipes for Easy® products?

You can access the recipes for Easy® products using the below links:

What are the most popular flavors?

Try the most popular flavors of Easy® and experience the best tasting ingredients for your food service businesses:

  • Easy® Powder Base: Milk Essence, Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, Cheesecake, Cookies and Cream, Matcha.
  • Easy® Flavored Syrup: Wintermelon, Hazelnut, Brown Sugar, Salted Caramel, Okinawa, Green Apple, Blueberry, Taro.
  • EasyPro® Premium Sauces: Barbecue, Buffalo Wings, Sweet Chili, Soy Garlic, Honey Butter.
  • EasyPro® Powder: Salted Egg, Garlic Parmesan, Cheese Sauce Powder Mix.
  • Easy® Toppings: Cream Cheese, 5 Minutes Tapioca Pearls, Cream Pudding.
  • Specialty Products: Easy® Coffee Concentrate, Easy® Sugar free Sweetener.

Do your products contain Allergens?

The following are the allergens that might be present in the Easy® products:

  • Easy® Powder Bases, Easy® Toppings, and EasyPro® Powders, are processed in a line that handles Milk, Egg, Wheat, and Soy.
  • Easy® Flavored Syrups are processed in a line that handles Soy.
  • EasyPro® Sauces are processed in a line that handles Soy.
  • Easy® Coffee Concentrate and Easy® Sugar free Sweetener are processed in a line that handles Soy.

Are your ingredients natural?

All Easy® Powder Bases, EasyPro® Powders, EasyPro® Powder Toppings are made with all-natural and authentic ingredients such as milk, cheese, and other ingredients. Meanwhile, the Easy® Coffee Concentrate is made with real coffee beans brewed to perfection to achieve the strong coffee taste.

What are your Quality Standards?

We ensure that all our products are of the top quality in terms of food safety and taste consistency by adhering to a strict and well-structured Quality Assurance Procedure. We have our very own micro laboratory that conducts quality checks throughout the process. A dedicated Research and Development Team is also hands-on in the continuous improvement of our products and internal processes and innovating solutions for all our customers needs. With these best practices, we are proudly registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the highest regulating body in terms of food in the country.

Are your packaging and bottles BPA-free?

All packaging used for Easy® products (bottles and packs) are made with High Density Polyethylene which are 100% BPA free.

Does your product need to be refrigerated?

 When the products have not been opened yet, it is acceptable not to refrigerate them. However, once opened it depends upon the product and the availability of storage space. EasyPro® Sauces are advisable to be refrigerated once opened. Meanwhile, Easy® Chocolate Syrup is required to be refrigerated once opened.

How long is the shelf life of your products?

Shelf life after opening the product varies depending on the storage conditions such as humidity, temperature, and cleanliness of the storage practices. However, after opening, consume the products up to 6 months to 1 year. Avoid humidity, direct heat, and sunlight as much as possible and store the products in a cool and dry place or a refrigerator in some cases. Prevent the exposure of the product for moisture and mold.

Do you have rack pumps and accessories?

The Easy® Syrup Pump is a specialized pump that fits all Easy bottles. It is sold separately.

How do you care for your Easy® Syrup Pump?

The openings of the Easy® Syrup Pump must be covered to prevent the ingress of insects, moisture, and mold. When changing pumps, ensure that the bottle opening is covered to protect the contents from environmental contaminants. Use only one pump for one flavor to avoid flavor transfer and cross contamination. Pumps can be used indefinitely as long as it is used in just one flavor only. It is not recommended to wash the pump as it may cause moisture or detergent contamination when not dried properly. Through time, there might be some clogging due to the solid contents of Easy® sauces and it is recommended to replace the pump.

How many is one pump?

One pump will produce 10 ml syrup each time.

Are the bottles used in the packaging of your products recyclable?

As all our bottles are made with High Density Polyethylene, they are all completely recyclable.

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