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Easy Sparkle

Elegance at its finest! Make your creations extra shiny and shimmering with Sparkle Series.These product is classified as food-pharmaceutical grade which makes it not only non-toxic, but also edible.

Say goodbye to drab cupcakes and unexciting cake decorations and say hello to the Easy® Sparkle Rose Gold Sparkle. This color is a trendy hit nowadays as it signifies youth, innovation, and the beginning of new things. 

Bring the energetic and jolly color into your parties by adding a pinch of Easy® Sparkle Yellow Sparkle into your loved recipes and creations. This decoration is a perfect addition to fondant in cake baking for the bright yellow hues and highlights. 

For baker’s that look for that glitter to highlight their creations, the Easy® Sparkle Pearl Sparkle is the perfect match. This hue will provide that sought-for iridescence that can make any cupcake magical.

Do you need nature-themed hues for your cakes and pastries? Then the Easy® Sparkle Green Sparkle is perfect to create that forest scenery in your themed baked products. This decoration can be easily applied with just the addition of water, white alcohol, or food-grade glycerin depending on the use.

Make Valentine’s Day more special and memorable by using Easy® Sparkle Red Sparkle for your cake to be gifted to your one and only love. We only want what’s best for our soul mate, and this product surely fits in that description. 

What if the baby’s gender is boy? Then look no further and use the Easy® Sparkle Blue Sparkle to accentuate your cakes in your gender reveal party. Create marine-themed scenes and replicate the shimmer of water with this decoration 

Spice up that debut or proclaim that the baby’s gender is a girl using the Easy® Sparkle Pink Sparkle. This tone can give the fresh and youthful splash to any cake or pastries it will be put into.

 Feel like royalty by dressing your pastries with the deep and mysterious purples and violets with Easy® Sparkle Violet Sparkle. This hue will complement your fondants and cake decorations perfectly and give a sense of depth to any arrangement. Used along with other Easy® Sparkle shades, you can now create a universe-themed cake as you take …

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Orange with hints of gold represents vitality and self control. Decorate with Easy® Sparkle Orange Sparkle and your cake will be more appetizing and will standout.

Provide that rustic charm by offering food decorated with Easy® Sparkle Copper Sparkle.This strong and shimmering hue can provide that much needed earthly tones during cake decoration and painting. 

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