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Toppings and Sinkers

EASY® Toppings are premixes and (ready to be used) “RTU” products that you put on top of food to make it taste better and look aesthetically pleasing.

Top your frappes with chocolate drizzle, or fill your cupcakes with chocolate filling, or make your drinks aesthetically pleasing with chocolate walling by using Easy® Chocolate Syrup. This is formulated to be a heat stable product which means it can be placed or mixed in breads and other pastries even before baking. Truly a very flexible syrup!

Who would not want to have readily available whipping cream to decorate pastries, frappes, coffees and other decadent treats? Easy® Whipping Cream Powder empowers businesses to have high-value whip cream that can be made upon demand, to lessen the wastage in the food preparation process. This has a proven stable form and smooth texture that can be compared to the traditional liquid-frozen whipping cream available in the market. Moreover, this product is also compatible to be used in whipping cream dispensers so you really can’t tell the difference!

Rock Salt & Cheese is another different unique combination of taste and texture that took the world by storm. Easy® Rock Salt & Cheese Powder lets you ride this wave of popularity and create your own beverages that incorporate this intriguing flavor. This creamy and foamy flavor enhances milk teas, frappes, ice creams, and even cakes! This is truly a powder mix that is very easy to use and has a lot of applications.

Keep up with the recent trend in milk teas and frappes where cream cheese is being incorporated into sweet beverages to balance out the sweetness with a bit of saltiness using the Easy® Cream Cheese Salted Powder! With this product, you can keep up with this trend and craft your own cream cheese creations at a lower cost and a lower labor. This really adds value to both your beverage creations and to your business overall.

Make pudding with consistent creamy texture, slightly sweet taste, and even turn it into instant panna cotta with Easy® Cream Pudding Powder Mix. Different flavors of pudding can then be achieved by adding other flavored syrups by Easy®. This is a dual purpose mix that can be a stand-alone dessert or a beverage topping.

With Easy® Caramel Drizzle Syrup, your coffee, sundaes, cakes, frappes, and other sweet treats will surely be clearing your shelves quickly. This luscious and thick golden syrup provides a milky caramel taste for many applications.

Make your milk tea more interesting and delicious by adding in the Easy® Nata de Coco! This ready-to-use sinker is chewy, flavorful, and easy-to-use perfect for any food service business!

The Easy® 5 Minutes Tapioca Pearls is the solution for refreshment businesses to make chewy, yummy, and quick-to-prepare tapioca pearls! Because of the quick preparation time for the tapioca pearls, zero spoilage can be achieved as users will only make pearls as needed without cooking large batches. This product really spell savings and can cut electricity costs by as much as 88% and preparation time by 93%!

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