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Milk Tea & Coffee Essentials

With the right amount and infusion of these Easy® Milk Tea and Coffee Essentials, you can make your beverages truly delicious.

Indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt of sugar when you add the Easy® Sugar Free Sweetener in your drinks, recipes, and desserts! This unique formulation comes without the burden of calories and it can be readily added into any recipe due to its colorless and liquid consistency.

The Easy® Assam Tea is the perfect partner for milk tea and fruit tea businesses! Relaxing, fragrant, and refreshing tea is produced when using this easy-to-brew product. All natural black tea leaves are used and carefully selected in each packet of Easy® Assam Tea so each cup of tea produced has that authentic tea taste that can not be replicated.

A really high quality non-dairy creamer that has the authentic richness of cream, the Easy® Creamer Pro is perfect for your own milk tea, frappe, smoothie, and coffee recipes. This has a pure unsweetened taste that is like a blank pallet, with your imagination as the only limit.

Achieve the real taste and texture of milk creamer with the Easy® Powdered Milk Essence for any recipe requiring the richness of milk. No need to think about adding extra sweeteners as this product is already balanced. The milk essence can also be used to create milk out of a packet – truly an amazing product.

The Easy® Coffee Espresso can replace expensive espresso machines for coffee-based hot and cold drinks, frappes, shakes, and even desserts.

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