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EasyPro Ready Sauces

EasyPro® Sauces (Ready to Use “RTU”) is made from real spices and premium ingredients that is slowly cooked to reach an intense and flavorful taste profile. EASYPRO® SAUCES is developed for foodservice businesses with cost effective and consistent taste quality as the priority.

Another amazing offering of EasyPro® is the EasyPro® Premium Sweet Chili Sauce that is commonly used for many savory dishes such as stir-fries, fish, and as a glaze for fried food. This perfect mix of sweet and spicy is a must have for any food service business.

Another unique sauce offered by EasyPro®, the EasyPro® Premium Lemon Glaze Sauce is the union of sweet and the distinctive lemony sour taste. This sauce greatly accentuates and improves fried chicken, other fried food, pastries, drinks, and even baked goods.

EasyPro® Premium Honey Butter Sauce is a new and fresh taste that is the blend of creamy butter wholesomeness and the sweet hints of honey. Chefs can tickle their creative bone in trying out and mixing this flavor profile into their own dishes.

For those with a heart for adventurous things, the EasyPro® Premium Chili Sauce will satisfy your passion for hot and spicy food. This is unlike the usual chili sauce available in the market as this is made with natural ingredients, thus, giving a satisfying kick to the dish whenever it is used.

EasyPro® Premium Barbeque Sauce brings a new twist to a classic flavor that Filipinos have come to love. The “2-in-1” sauce can be used as either a marinade or a glaze and fuses the food with a rich smoky taste profile, as if the food is charcoal-grilled.

It becomes a trip to Japan with each taste of any dish mixed with EasyPro® Premium Teriyaki Sauce. This will be a great addition to the line-up of recipes that your food-service business offers as the sauce promises the perfect blend of salty, sweet, and umami.

The staple flavor in any unli-wings business, the Buffalo wings flavor is easily recognizable with its combination of spiciness, saltiness, with hints of butter. Now, with EasyPro® Premium Buffalo Wings Sauce, you can create your own Buffalo wings recipe.

Have a savory taste of Korea with every bite of your favorite fried chicken made better with EasyPro® Soy Garlic Sauce. This trendy flavor became the talk of the town with its subtle saltiness and umami taste. Using this ready to use sauce, your recipes will surely be a popular hit.

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