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Powdered Bases

EASY® Powdered Bases are premixes designed to shorten the ingredient and raw materials needed for Frappe, Milk Tea, and other pastries. It also serves as flavoring and stabilizer for the final food product.

A really high quality non-dairy creamer that has the authentic richness of cream, the Easy® Creamer Pro is perfect for your own milk tea, frappe, smoothie, and coffee recipes. This has a pure unsweetened taste that is like a blank pallet, with your imagination as the only limit.

Achieve the real taste and texture of milk creamer with the Easy® Powdered Milk Essence for any recipe requiring the richness of milk. No need to think about adding extra sweeteners as this product is already balanced. The milk essence can also be used to create milk out of a packet – truly an amazing product.

A hit that swept the town with its perfect union of savory and sweet, Easy® Powdered Red Velvet Base is to be used for those recipes requiring a unique and fresh flavor. By using the product, food service businesses can whip up this unique flavor with just a drop of the hat, making the service process cost-effective and efficient.

For those who want a tinge of milk paired with the warmth of chocolate, Easy® Powdered Milk Chocolate Base is the perfect mix to be used. With a balance between milk and chocolate, this mix is both a stable base and an unforgettable flavoring for every pastry and other sweet beverages. This crowd favorite will surely be a hit to anyone seeking comfort by being hugged by milk chocolate.

Taste a distinct flavor of Japan by just popping open the Easy® Powdered Matcha Base. This powder is made from authentic green tea leaves and has the lovely green color of nature. With this matcha base, a perfect balance of caffeine rush and relaxation can be felt by your customers. Not only is it perfect for beverages, it can also be used to flavor pastries and other desserts.

Incorporate the melt-in-your-mouth sweetness of real chocolate chips by just using the Easy® Powdered Java Chip Base in your frappes, pastries, shakes, teas, smoothies, and other sweet treats. With this product, you can elevate any recipe and add a certain unique nostalgic charm with every single bite or sip.

Delve into the temptation of dark chocolate with Easy® Powdered Dark Chocolate Base. This product is made from real cocoa that is crafted to perfection to maintain the lavish taste of real chocolate which is created for shakes, milk teas, coffee drinks, pancakes, waffles, and other pastries. The dark chocolate base has hints of earthy tones with the right amount of sweetness and decadence.

Create your own signature dazzling frappes, shakes, and other cream-based drinks with Easy® Powdered Cream/Frappe Base. Using this magic mix, you do not need to add milk, thickeners and other sweeteners; while maintaining the authentic and rich taste and texture of cream. With this base, you can both save capital, thus making your drinks cost competitive without compromising quality. A win-win!

The classic taste of cookies and cream, now made easier to deliver with Easy® Powdered Cookies and Cream Base. What sets this apart from other products is that it comes with real cookie bits and cookie chunks that really is perfect for businesses that want to cut the expense without tasting cheap.

Another breakthrough made by Easy®, the Easy® Powdered Cheesecake Base, brings the unique taste of cheesecake to any mundane recipe. This is commonly used for cheesecakes as it possesses the crunchy and savory-sweet honey graham flavor. It gets better as the mix has real bits of honey biscuits that can also be used as toppings, base, and flavoring for frappes, milkshakes, smoothies, and popular sweet beverages.

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