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EasyPro Powder Mixes

EasyPro® Powdered Sauce and Dip mix is an instant condiment that is industrially prepared for food service businesses that is added to food, before-after-during cooking to enhance the flavor, and to complement the dish.

Give your chicken wings a cheesy surprise when you coat it with the EasyPro® Snow Cheese Powder Mix! This is perfect for comfort food and fried dishes to give them a much needed cheesy boost!

Spice up your rice when you transform it into Java Rice using the EasyPro® Java Rice Seasoning Mix! Give your rice a second life and serve the most amazing Java Rice on town that is best paired with fried food, savory meals, or served as it is! Kanin pa lang, ulam na!

Looking for a perfect pair for your fried food, your chicken wings, or your fried chicken? Or are you searching for the sauce for your sizzling plate recipes? EasyPro® launched the EasyPro® Gravy Powder Mix that will allow you to create your own thick and savory gravy!

Offer the crispiest and tastiest fried food in town when you switch to the EasyPro® All in One Breading Mix! This economical and time-saving breading mix will surely elevate your fried food to whole new levels.

Two flavors unite to create this exceptional mix, the EasyPro® Garlic and Cheese Sauce Powder Mix. With real cheese, herbs, and spices, this mix is begging to be put into pizzas, coated into fried food, and filled in burgers.

For those cheese lovers, the EasyPro® Cheese Sauce Powder Mix is the perfect fix for those who cannot get enough of that creamy and rich cheese flavor. This mix produces a thick cheese sauce that is made for toppings, spreads, and dips for many recipes and applications.

Make your food cheesy and garlicky by using the EasyPro® Garlic Parmesan Powder Mix to coat fried food such as chicken wings and katsus and as a flavoring to snacks such as chips, chicharon, popcorn, and fries. This easy-to-use powder is the perfect combination of garlic and cheese goodness to bring deliciousness to your comfort food.

Keep up with the salted egg trend and create your own salted egg creations without hassle using the EasyPro Salted Egg Powder. The powder can be used to coat fried food such as chicken wings, popcorn, and tempura, chicharon, and even turned into a milk tea flavor!

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