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Flavored Syrups

EASY® Flavored Syrups are concentrated syrups used to flavor any food, drinks, pastries and other desserts. It may be also be used as a syrup topping for aesthetic presentation.

Another perfect fruity flavor that can now be easily accessed, entrepreneurs can now create delicious beverages, cocktails, mocktails, and fruit teas with Easy® Passionfruit Syrup. The balanced sweet and sour goodness of passion fruit is really distilled into this syrup which will take your beverages into stellar levels.

Another flavor that is a hit in milk tea shops, the unique and distinct Okinawa flavor can now be easily achieved with Easy® Okinawa Flavored Syrup. The blend of brown sugar and caramel is perfect for the milk tea business as this is a crowd favorite.

Add a new winning beverage to your line-up of fruit tea flavors with Easy® Mixed Berries Syrup. This syrup is a mixture of tropical berries that really underlines the fruity blend of goodness that goes great with anything.

The sweet and fruity taste of melon can be added into your recipes without the stress of extracting that flavor by yourself manually by adding Easy® Melon Syrup. This really helps entrepreneurs cater to the craving for melon goodness of customers and provide that tropical sweetness to any beverage and recipe.

A multi-purpose syrup that perfectly embodies everything good in mangoes, the Easy® Mango Syrup can be added to beverages, be used as toppings or glaze, or be crafted as a base and flavoring to other recipes. Customers will feel like it is always mango season with each taste of food mixed with this heavenly syrup.

Be refreshed and instantly transported to the tropical islands with a sip or bite of any recipe crafted with Easy® Lychee Syrup. The fruity and floral aroma of the lychee fruit is captured by this syrup and will surely impart its stimulating goodness to any recipe it is created with.

Get an authentic taste of Japan by making and accentuating beverages with Easy® Hokkaido Syrup. This unique blend of caramel and milky flavors became a hit in milk tea shops and is a Filipino favorite. The Hokkaido experience can be achieved by just popping open a bottle of this quality product.

Elevate your coffee, chocolate, and milk recipes with a kiss of hazelnut with Easy® Hazelnut Syrup. This nutty and slightly sweet syrup will add the complexity of flavor to beverages you put this into, without spending more.

Every sip of any beverage made with Easy® Green Apple Syrup will surely refresh your customers. The sweet and sour balance that is perfected and bottled in this product will give your recipes the feeling that they are on the beach in summer, wherever and whenever they are.

The caramel flavor has never been this good as Easy® Caramel Syrup perfected its recipe to add the warm hug that you can add into your own recipes. This syrup complements other strong and overpowering flavors to make your beverage really over the top.

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