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Flavored Syrups

EASY® Flavored Syrups are concentrated syrups used to flavor any food, drinks, pastries and other desserts. It may be also be used as a syrup topping for aesthetic presentation.

Another rare flavor that is made easier to access because of Easy®, the Easy® Butterscotch Syrup will give your recipe that new dimension that it needs. This is used to complement other flavors and will elevate your milk teas, frappes, and other beverages by adding that slightly sweet butterscotch taste.

A crowd favorite flavor that can be used for garnishing, walling, and topping of beverages. Easy® Brown Sugar Syrup is made from natural brown sugar that is slowly prepared to reach that tasty and smoky golden brown caramel feeling. The syrup is thick and tasty and can also be used not only in beverages but also in baking and other recipes.

Made with authentic blueberries, the Easy® Blueberry Syrup will elevate your milk tea, juices, frappes, cakes, and other sweet treats. This syrup can also be made into toppings because it contains blueberry bits that really brings the tart and sweet taste of the favorite berry. Talk about a two-in-one amazing product!

Incorporate that subtle and nutty sweetness of almond into your recipes with Easy® Almond Syrup. This product will add that certain depth that will set apart your refreshing creations.

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